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User Agreement: www.thetrustedholidays.com

These terms and conditions (“Terms”, “Agreement”) are an agreement between Thetrustedholidays , and you (“User”, “you” or “your”). This Agreement sets forth the general terms and conditions of your use of Thetrustedholidays.com website and any of its products or services (collectively, “Website” or “Services”).

Please read the following Terms of Use carefully as they govern your use of the Service. Do not use the Service unless you wish to be bound by these terms because, by continuing to use any part of the Service, you confirm your acceptance of these Terms of Use (which also includes the Privacy Policy).


TheTrustedholidays.com  is a travel marketplace that connect clients and providers around the world both online and offline, to make, selling and buying activities


You’ll need to create an account with Thetrustedholidays.com to use some of our Services. Here are a few rules about accounts :


The provider may subscribe to different levels of participation and privileges on the Site to access additional features and Site Services, by payment of subscription membership fees and by purchasing “Connects” as described and the buyer has the option to subscribe to receive 1,5% or 3% discounts for any item purchased on thetrustedholidays.com


Intellectual property Including Use of The Trusted Holiday’s Name and Brand Trademarks
Providers must not infringe, misappropriate or misuse intellectual property of The Trusted Holidays. Providers must obtain the express written consent or the applicable owner before using or disclosing The Trusted Holidays’s or another party’s intellectual property to third parties.
Provider permitted in writing to use The Trusted Holiday’s name and/or Brand Trademarks must adhere to applicable brand guidelines for using name and/or Brand Trademarks to help deliver a unified, consistent and quality brand experience, protecting and upholding reputation.



You are responsible for paying any taxes, including any goods and services or value added taxes, which may be applicable depending on the jurisdiction of the services provided.

Depending on your residency or location, you may be subject to certain ad valorem or other taxes , on certain fees that we charge. These taxes will be added to fees billed to you, if applicable.

You acknowledge that you must comply with your obligations under income tax provisions in your jurisdiction.


If a Client and a Provider decide to enter into a Contract ( Selling, purchasing agreement, etc..) for Products/Services, the contract is a contractual relationship directly between the client and the provider; Thetrustedholidays.com is not responsible for and is not a party to any Product/ Service Contract and under no circumstances will any such contract create an employment or any service relationship between Thetrustedholidays and any User.

With respect to any Product/ Service Contract, Client and Provider may enter into any agreements that they deem appropriate (e.g., confidentiality agreements, invention assignment agreements, assignment of rights, etc.), provided that those agreements do not conflict with, narrow, or expand Thetrustedholiday’s rights and obligations under the Terms of Service, including this Agreement and the applicable Escrow Instructions.

The parties to a Product / Service Contract can, if the parties prefer, agree to the Optional Service Contract Terms in whole or in part, in addition to or instead of other such agreements. The parties to a Service Contract expressly agree that the Optional Service Contract Terms will and do apply to their contract to the extent that they have not agreed to other terms or agreements that conflict with the Optional Service Contract Terms. Users are solely responsible for deciding whether to use the Optional Service Contract Terms, and Thetrustedholidays does not assume any responsibility for any consequence of using the Optional Service Contract Terms, which are provided as a sample only and may not be appropriate for all jurisdictions or all contracts.

 You understand that Thetrustedholidays does not control and is not liable in respect of or responsible for the quality, safety, genuineness, lawfulness or availability of the products or services offered for sale on the Web Site or the ability of the User(s) selling or supplying the goods or services to complete a sale or the ability of User(s) purchasing goods or services to complete a purchase. Users are hereby made aware that there may be risks of dealing with people acting under false pretenses. Thetrustedholidays.com uses several techniques to verify the accuracy of certain information our paying Users provide us when they register for a paying membership service on the Sites.  However, because user verification on the Internet is difficult, we cannot and does not confirm each User’s purported identity (including, without limitation, paying Members). We encourage you to use various means, as well as common sense, to evaluate with whom you are dealing. 


If you find yourself in a dispute with another user of Thetrustedholidays or a third party, we encourage you to contact the other party and try to resolve the dispute amicably.



Below, there is listed certain categories of restricted or prohibited items. However, this listing is not complete; you, as being the seller, are solely responsible for ensuring that you are probably not posting a product that may be prohibited by law in almost any jurisdiction.

These items may not be listed on The Trusted Holidays:


Because your contract is with Thetrustedholidays.com of The United Kingdom, we each agree that the Terms and any disputes between us will be exclusively governed by English law, and exclusively decided in the courts of England, except to the extent prohibited by law.

If any provisions here of are held to be illegal or unenforceable such provisions shall be severed and the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect unless the business purpose of this Agreement is substantially frustrated thereby.

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