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We offer two types of VIP Provider Members

  • VIP Provider Member Level 1
  • VIP Provider Member Level 2

By becoming a VIP Provider member, you have access to all features, can be connected anywhere in the world to conduct buying and selling activities and can be able to generate profitable growth by expanding your product range and capturing additional revenue.

You will receive a welcome pack, an electronic digital membership card and you will be entitled to 3 % discount for (Level 1) and 1,5% discount for ( Level 2) for every online product/service purchase on our platform

Your featured products / Services will be displayed Crown VIP Member Flag

Your exclusive Membership Delivers access to a number of features and functions that are not available through traditional travel marketplace websites; This includes things like access to Private Jet market, Helicopter Hire market, Boat-Yacht rental market, Cruises market, Hotel-Motel market, Private Residence market, Event Rental market, Vehicle Rental market, Restaurant market, Holidays market, Tour market, Store Inventory, Store Analytics, Order processing, dedication account manager , Invoice, uploading images, ;

We are not limit ourselves to the Global Travel Market, but we have for mission and vision to change the world.

Your membership will help us change the lives of the most needy and vulnerable in society and create a world for a better future.

Our realisation is on The Trusted Save .

Having the power to improve the lives of others is a privilege that comes with its own sense of obligation.

Giving to charity strengthens personal values

The ultimate gesture of ‘good’ is to help others.

For those of us who’ve been helped, we understand the value to both the individual and the communities to which we belong.

Charities and their work force are widely trusted as the people who’ll know what to do to help. So to give money to charity seems like an easy and obvious choice if we want to ‘be good’.

Of course giving doesn’t stop at money.

Plenty of people in our organisation regularly volunteer or take part in things to get sponsorship, and give clothes for good which will be used to support the families facing poverty in situations where they have very little or nothing to wear across the globe.

Giving benefits society’s neediest and most vulnerable

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